"You are an open canvas-
Let us create your masterpiece"


At every Pro Makeup trade show we attend, we meet more artists who drop the names of their clients who rank among the entertainment and modeling industry’s elite. A pro makeup artist will tell us of a new blockbuster movie coming out where Graftobian was used extensively throughout the film, etc. Magazines such as InStyle have done HD product reviews highlighting some of these Graftobian HD products. Bloggers and Makeup reviewing sites worldwide review and love Graftobian! What each of these groups love about Graftobian is that it WORKS BEAUTIFULLY, just like it’s supposed to. Graftobian HD Makeup is formulated to withstand the scrutiny of the ultra-closeup. If you want proof, just take a look at our HD Makeup 101 DVD, which is filmed using two closeup HD cameras which can see EVERYTHING. Graftobian’s HD makeup IS that good. To see our Kit that has EVERYTHING HD included, look for No. 30055 HD Pro Makeup Kit. The Perfect Professional HD Starter Kit!

What is High Definition makeup? HD makeup is made with superfine, micronized pigments, and were designed to allow a makeup artist to easily create a look that will be read through an HD camera to yield a flawless yet natural appearance. HD cameras are capable of reading the slightest amount of streaking, speckling, and hyper-opacity that might occur if using inferior makeup products.

Graftobian has developed both a 64 Shade Hi-Def Glamour Creme line and a matching series of High Definition Airbrush colours – GlamAire(tm). An artist can and often will use both media on the same face without having to work to match colours from scratch. The colours in this HD line have been sorted into Warm, Cool and Neutral shades as well as cream Corrector shades. This sort of user friendly system allows an artist to select within a “family” of shades for temperature correct use.

Our High Definition Glamour Cremes are available in individual sizes as well as in our tremendously popular HD 5-colour creme palettes and 18-colour Super Palettes.
Graftobian’s GlamAire(tm) water based (Silicone Free!) HD airbrush formula is available individually. bottles, in sets of 12 colours prepacked or self selected at a discount, and in complete sets including compressor, airbrush, cleansing fluid, etc. See below.

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